Homemade and hand made goods are appreciated by many. The unique nature, the novelty and the local composition of these goods motivate buyers to choose these items over mass manufactured items. One of the greatest ways for them to be able to access these is through craft fairs. There are some great benefits to this. Visitors get to see the type of talent that exists in their area. Plus, they get to support the craftspeople by buying their products.

This site is here to support those who wish to get into the craft show and hand made industry. It is an exciting business but also one that does not come without challenges. The operator of the craft fairs must wear many different hats. They must be business administrators as well as marketers and promoters. Plus, many times they want to display and sell their own crafts.

On this site, you will find information as to how to run a craft fair. For those that want to make it into a business there are some tips and hints for doing this. There is also some great information must how to use a website for promoting craft fairs and selling goods online. It gives some suggestions for keeping the site secure.

One of the important aspects about running a craft fair is being able to market it effectively. There are some tips on how one can go about this. Then if an individual wants to turn their craft fair into a brand there is some help here to get started on this.

The craft industry is huge in the UK and Craft Fairs contribute to this a great deal.