Craft fairs, trade shows, markets and other events are great places for local vendors to showcase their products and offreings. Making a business as a vendor can be difficult, but with a lot of support, patience and commitment, it can be a great way to sell your beloved product:

Start with a Business Plan

Every business needs a business plan. During the process of developing this, it also leads one into doing some research. For the craft fair business, you first need to determine if there is a demand in your area for it. Are there going to be enough people that would be interested in attending it.

Finding the Vendors

Once you have determined that there is an interest in a craft fair or trade show, the next big job is determining if there are enough vendors. This can be a challenge because you want the vendors to be diversified. For example, you don’t want all the vendors to be producing the same crafts. Unless of course, you wish to run a speciality craft fair.

Building Your Brand

If you are going to run craft fairs as a business then you need to build your brand. Just like you would for any other business. This means you must choose a name and a logo and be consistent. You can build your brand both on the internet and offline.


One of the tasks that come with craft fairs is planning far ahead. You need to start planning for the next fair before you complete the one at hand. This way you can have the marketing material ready to hand out to visitors so they know there will be another show coming.

Focus on Themes

Most often craft fairs are run at certain times of the year. Choosing themes for the vendors to focus on will help to increase the interest.