Running a craft fair comes with major responsibilities. One is getting the vendors and another major responsibility is making sure that the craft show is going to be well attended. This means the craft show organizer must have some skills in marketing.


While the world of technology has replaced many of the older methods of marketing, these are still very important and highly effective. Flyers advertising a craft show is one of the proven methods for getting people to attend. They can be posted in public places. Plus, they can be hand delivered door to door. You can also place them in local coffee shops or boutiques to target your ideal consumer base.

Giving some responsibility to the vendors

It is a good idea to give some of the flyers to each of the vendors that sign up for the show. Then they take on some of the responsibility for drawing in people to the show. It works to their benefit as well as the other vendors.

Using the Internet

Almost anyone that wants to do some type of business now turns to the internet as a resource. There are some great options for the crafts show organizer to utilize this platform for marketing.

Go Where the Customers Are

Look for venues that may be somewhat related to the homemade crafts market. For example, home and garden shows are somewhat affiliated to the crafts industry. Get a few people to stand outside of this venue and hand out flyers to people as they are leaving that show. Ideally, permission should be asked first before doing this. Some of the show operators will not have any objections while others will.

Planning and Foresight

Once you have rustled up a good turn out for one show have the material ready for the handout for the next show. That is if you are going to be running the craft show on a regular basis.